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HV-755ST-35H Central Vacuum Cleaner

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HouseVac Central Vacuum Cleaner HV-755ST-35H characterized by a very high suction power (755AirWatt), Soft START / STOP system and a Hybrid Filtration System.


HouseVac central vacuum cleaners are manufactured under a license from a Canadian company with many years of experience in this industry. They were designed using the latest technologies. HouseVac central vacuum cleaners are equipped with strong and very durable motors from Ametek, which is the market leader in vacuum cleaner motor manufacturers and supplies them to most of the famous brands on the market.

Soft Start / Stop

HouseVac vacuum cleaners are equipped with a soft-start system that significantly extends the life of the engine, but also thanks to its use, no specialized electrical protection is required. These vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a soft-stop system, which means that the vacuum cleaner turns off only after a few seconds from the moment it is turned off using the switch in the hose handle. As a result, all collected impurities in the installation will be sucked into the garbage can located at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. As a result, these impurities do not remain in the installation, as can be the case with other brands of vacuum cleaners.

Hybrid Cyclonic Filtration

Thanks to the combination of a highly efficient cyclone filtration and a disposable filter bag (one included with all HouseVac central vacuum cleaners), the intake air is filtered twice:

- Cyclonic filtration combined with a durable, machine washable filter cleans up to 99.97% of mites, bacteria, dust and pollen in the air taken in.

- The three-layer filter bag allows convenient removal of waste in the dirt container without harmful dust floating in the air and additionally filters the intake air.

Thanks to the use of a very efficient filtration system, HouseVac central vacuum cleaners contribute to the improvement of air quality in your home and help reduce allergy symptoms and alleviate discomfort resulting from respiratory diseases.

Silent System

Integrated muffler and noise-reducing foam located in the engine compartment ensure excellent engine noise reduction (no need to install the muffler outside the central unit).

LED status indicator

The HouseVac central vacuum cleaner is equipped with an LED status indicator that informs you of the operating status and functions. The attached manual contains information that allows you to recognize the status of the device based on different LED behavior. The LED is located below the low voltage socket.

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